Last week, the Learning Policy Institute released a report that highlights how four states (Michigan, West Virginia, Washington, and North Carolina) have developed and implemented high-quality early education systems. Several of the report’s key lessons echo the themes of our most recent issue of VUE, Promoting Seamless Transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten and Beyond – prioritizing quality, aligning programs from birth through third grade, and the importance of coalitions. Below are further resources in the field of early learning recommended by two of our VUE authors.

From Sara Mickelson:

The Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes, a federally-funded center to assist states in improving their early learning systems, has great resources. CEELO's Birth through Third Grade resource page is especially helpful because they produce and aggregate resources that highlight good policy around the country and link to helpful research and policy briefs. 

The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning focuses on social emotional learning and school readiness. Many schools utilize CSEFEL resources, but parents will find their resources helpful as well – they make teaching the skills that will help students excel during school transitions seem easy.

From Maureen Kay Sigler:

The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard shares important research on resilience, how toxic stress affects brain architecture, and best practices on how to promote healthy development in early childhood. The impact of toxic stress on healthy development and its effects on a child's early learning transitions often getoverlooked when thinking about transition, and the Center on the Developing Child highlights how important it is for early childhood educators to keep this research at the forefront of the work they do.

The Office of Head Start has endless resources on early childhood education. They specifically have resources around early learning transition and a "Framework for Effective Practice" that lays the foundation for successful transition.