Boehm Test of Basic Concepts, Third Edition (Boehm-3)

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The Boehm Test of Basic Concepts Third Edition (Boehm-3) is a comprehensive asssessment for children grades K-2 that contains 50 basic concepts. The test can be used to identify students at risk for academic delays and to monitor progress. Boehm-3 is available in both English and Spanish.

Basic concepts,
Risk indicator
30-45 minutes
Boehm-3 Complete Kit (Includes: Examiner's Manual, 1 Form E Booklet, 1 Form E Class Key, 1 Form F Booklet, 1 Form F Class Key, and Directions for Administration (for both Forms, in English and Spanish)): $98.80; Boehm-3 Complete Kit Form E (Includes: Exam
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Level A
Open Access
Manual scoring
Resources on Psychometric Properties

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