1038 The charter school movement needs greater accountability
by Amy B. Dean, Aljazeera American 8/24/15 
Even supporters should realize that corruption is tarnishing charter schools' reputations and wasting public money


"Charter schools enroll more than 2.5 million students in the U.S. But as these publicly funded, privately run schools have spread across the country, so have reports of corruption and waste bred by a lack of accountability...Brown University’s Annenberg Institute for School Reform released a report detailing the standards that should be required to raise the charter sector to the level of equity and transparency that public schools must meet. Such reforms are popular: A 2015 poll showed that 89 percent of respondents favored making charter board meetings publicly accessible, 88 percent supported routine audits of their finances and 86 percent desired transparent budgets." 

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The standards and policy recommendations in this report aim to ensure that there is a level playing field between traditional public schools and public charter schools, and that charters are fully transparent and accountable to the communities they serve.

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