At a recent Education Writers Association seminar in Denver, experts discussed steps needed to ensure that charters uphold the original bargain of getting autonomy and flexibility in exchange for academic results. AISR executive director Warren Simmons was a panelist at the event. His comments are included in the following EWA summary.

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The Charter School Quality Conundrum
The Education Writers Association 3/30/15


"...Simmons of the Annenberg Institute lamented that charters are often treated as “monolithic,” when in reality they are very diverse in their outcomes. By talking about charter versus traditional public schools, “we are obscuring the range of challenges in the charter sector.” Last fall, the Annenberg Institute issued a report raising deep concerns about charters not just because of uneven quality, but also because of concerns about issues of inequitable access in some cases as well as a lack of transparency that has led to some instances of fraud and abuse."