1312 Published today, AISR Interim Executive Director Michael Grady authored "How High Schools and Colleges Can Team Up to Use Data and Increase Student Success," one of four articles in a series for Jobs for the Future, a national leader in bridging education and work to increase mobility and strengthen our economy.

The series, entitled "Ready or Not: It's Time to Re-Think the 12th Grade," addresses one of our most pressing problems: How to prepare many more young people -- particularly those from underserved communities -- to succeed in college and careers. Grady describes strategies high schools and colleges can employ to examine and apply data to inform the closer collaboration needed to promote college readiness and completion.


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"Strong transition learning opportunities depend on robust data systems to target student supports; stable predictors of college success that enable high schools to do more to prepare their graduates for successful transitions; and promotion of programs with a strong evidence-base, and retirement of those that do not. With 21 million students currently enrolled full or part time in U.S. degree-granting institutions, a gain of just one percentage point in completion rates would place several hundred thousand more Americans on a path to more fulfilling, prosperous, and productive adulthoods."