AISR Principal Associate Angela Romans, along with co-authors Mara Krechevsk and Ben Mardell, published an article entitled “Engaging City Hall: Children as Citizens” in the February 25th special issue of The New Educator (“Putting Students at the Center of Assessment Practices”), the quarterly journal of the Association of Teacher Educators & The City College of New York. 



Engaging City Hall: Children as Citizens
by Angela Romans, Mara Krechevsk and Ben Mardell
The New Educator (2/25/14)


In this article, the authors suggest that current notions of advocacy in early childhood education should be expanded to include a view of young children as citizens. The authors ground their discussion in a how-to book project in Providence, Rhode Island, consider different concepts of children and citizenship, share commentary from City Hall and propose four key features of their perspective: (a) highlighting the civic nature of schools as central to the teaching and learning process; (b) focusing on young children's distinctive perspectives and competencies, not just their needs; (c) providing professional development around shared projects that promote literacy and higher order thinking skills; and (d) documenting children's learning in order to challenge assumptions about their capabilities and put forth an alternative image of teaching and learning.