NAACP members call for ban on privately managed charter schools
By Valerie Strauss and Carol Burris
The Washington Post (8/7/16)

1327 Excerpt

"...In 2014, the Annenberg Institute for School Reform painted a grim picture of just how undemocratic charter school governance is in the state of Massachusetts. But they also made serious recommendations on how charter school governance could be reformed. Their findings can be generalized to states across the nation, and so are their solutions, which follow:

  • Require that at least 50 percent of the members of each charter school governing board be representatives from among parents at the school (elected by parents) and, in the case of high schools, students (elected by students);

  • Require that non-parent/student members of the governing board reside in the school district in which the school(s) operates;

  • Instruct each charter school to list board members with affiliations on the school’s website;

  • Require governing boards of charter schools to hold all meetings in the district in which the school or schools operate, and at times that are convenient to parents;

  • Require all meetings to be open to the public and publicized in advance according to the rules for the traditional public school governing body, and require minutes from board meetings to be available online.

The above recommendations sound awfully reasonable to me."

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Whose Schools: An Examination of Charter School Governance in Massachusetts