City Names 17 Schools Slated to Close
New York Times 1/7/13
by Al Baker

1105 Excerpt

...Norm Fruchter, the senior policy analyst at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, a nonprofit educational research and policy group, said the group analyzed the elementary and middle schools on the city’s list and found they had much higher percentages of black and Latino students than the city average, as well as much higher percentages of pupils qualifying for free lunches than the city average.

Also, he said, “they have a higher percentage of special ed, a higher percentage of English-language learners and a higher percentage of special education students in self-contained classes.”

“It looks like these schools got these extra percentages in the years before they were tapped for closing,” he said. “They are closing the schools that have the most challenges, rather than trying to intervene to end the cycle of just closing the school and sending the kids somewhere else, and then when they get the same results they will just close that school.”