Massachusetts Education Again Ranks No. 1 Nationally
By Peter Balonon-Rosen
WBUR Learning Lab (1/7/16)

BOSTON — Massachusetts has the best public school system in the country but could do more to help low-income students, according to a new report that ranks states by the quality of their public schools.

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“The achievement gaps come from opportunity gaps,” said Rosann Tung, director of research and policy for the Annenberg Institute for School Reform. “And opportunity gaps are found in most urban districts. They are usually aligned with race and class.”

In 2015, Massachusetts received the highest ranking on national fourth- and eighth-grade reading and math tests, but the achievement gap there between low-income students and peers was the third highest in the nation.

“If you’re basing these kinds of findings on test scores, they’re usually correlated with income and education level,” Tung said.