1076 PROVIDENCE - Keith C. Catone, Ph.D., principal associate at Brown University’s Annenberg Institute for School Reform (AISR), will receive one of two 2015 Division K Outstanding Dissertation awards from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) on April 17 during its annual meeting in Chicago. 

The Outstanding Dissertation Award honors scholarship of exceptional conceptual, methodological, and literary quality on an important topic in teaching and teacher education. With more than 14,000 attendees, the AERA conference is the nation’s largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research.

The dissertation, titled The Pedagogy of Teacher Activism: Four Portraits of Becoming and Being Teacher Activists, earned Catone a doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in March 2014.

“Dr. Catone’s scholarship is an important contribution to the field of teacher education and continued teacher development,” noted the award letter. “(His) longitudinal and multi-case study on the evolution of teachers who are activists and advocates for their students and for a just society, makes him most deserving of this award, and the admiration of award committee members.”

According to the dissertation’s abstract, “In examining both individual stories and cross-case lessons, this study finds four elements that together inform the pedagogy of teacher activism: purpose, passion, power, and possibility. As mainstream reform trends continue to focus more and more on technical solutions to educational problems, this study helps the field think critically about how to cultivate and support teachers as social, cultural, and political activists fighting for social justice change in the world.

“My research is less interested in codifying the methodology behind teacher activism and more focused on understanding the pedagogy that undergirds the work,” said Catone.


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