Spreading Innovation Through the CRIS Network: Pittsburgh Adopts Stock-and-Flow
by Susan Fairchild
New Visions for Public Schools (7/22/14)


"For those of us who work with student data, it's gratifying that schools and districts are paying more attention to early-warning systems. For instance, the new White House initiative, My Brother's Keeper, just announced plans to have 60 districts nationwide track data on black and Hispanic boys so teachers can intervene before students fall off track.

Just as important are data initiatives that track students’ readiness for career and college. From 2011 to 2013, New Visions for Public Schools participated in the Gates Foundation funded College Readiness Indicator System network (CRIS) spearheaded by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, the John W. Gardner Center at Stanford University and the Consortium on Chicago School Research.

CRIS Resources Series

Developed by the CRIS research partners, this six-part CRIS Resource Series builds on lessons learned over the course of the three-year initiative and offers guidance to schools and districts that aim to develop and enact effective indicator and support systems.