After 2 Years, Progress Is Hard to See in Some Struggling City Schools
By Kate Taylor
New York Times (7/18/16)

1308 Excerpt

...Mr. de Blasio, who campaigned as a critic of the education policies of his predecessor, Michael R. Bloomberg, who closed many low-performing schools, pledged that his administration would support struggling schools rather than close them. However, facing pressure from the state, he declared that schools needed to show progress within three years.

But Megan Hester, a principal associate at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, which is working closely with community organizations involved in the turnaround effort, said, “There’s no school improvement initiative in the country that shows long-term success that showed improvement within two or three years.”

Giving schools the time they might need, Ms. Hester said, “is at odds with the political cycle and the political attention span.”