April 2017

This suite of resources includes research reports, case studies, web-based tools, a VUE issue, and many other resources that emerged from the Time for Equity project, funded by the Ford Foundation and carried out by AISR from 2012-2016, with the goal of building the capacity of schools, districts, communities, and partner organizations to improve educational opportunities in the nation’s most underserved school systems through expanded and reimagined learning time, including the development of twenty-four indicators that school communities can use as “yardsticks” to measure and refine their efforts to create expanded and improved learning opportunities for young people. 

The project, originally called More and Better Learning Time (MBLT), was renamed Time for Equity in 2014 to reflect a broad approach that places equity at the center of every reform effort and provides an indicators framework for a wide range of factors at the student, school, and system level that impact equity. 

Web-Based Resources

1523 The Time for Equity Indicators Tool is an information clearinghouse on twenty-four different benchmarks of education conditions, access, and impact that provide a set of comprehensive, rich, and meaningful measures of what matters to students, schools, and systems. The indicators go well beyond standardized test scores to encompass the entire complexity of a student’s or school’s needs, challenges, and successes. The framework emerged via extensive research and collaboration with school designers, community organizers, researchers, local funders, and other Time for Equity partners.

1521 EKF2016: Closing Opportunity Gaps and Expanding Educational Equity was a three-day forum in May 2016, convened by the Ford Foundation and AISR, to reflect on successes and challenges of the MBLT and Time for Equity work and to inform the work of the future. The forum was designed on themodel of an "Emerging Knowledge Forum," AISR's signature convening since 2002. These national, invitation-only forums bring together 125–150 cross-sector stakeholders to share evidence and experience on how to create whole systems of successful schools; present “live” case studies of innovative school systems and organizations; and build new knowledge across sites and participants.

1522 The Time for Equity Webinar Series disussed various topics, tools, and resource that emerged from the Time for Equity project.



Reports and Studies

1512 PDFGetting to Teacher Ownership: How Schools Are Creating Meaningful Change is a series of publications and supplementary materials, based on a mixed-methods study, that examines how teachers can gain a sense of ownership of school and system-level improvement efforts that enables them to transform teaching and learning in their schools. (2017)

1513 PDF We Made a Promise: School-Community Collaboration, Leadership, and Transformation at Promesa Boyle Heights is a case study of a neighborhood-level collaborative in Los Angeles that works to deliberately develop relationships, coordination, and alignment across multiple partners to benefit young people and families – including substantive engagement of parents, youth, and residents as key stakeholders, decision-makers, and owners of the work – with positive, measurable results. (2016)

1514 PDF Collaborating for Equity: A Scan of the Los Angeles Educational Ecosystem is a study that aimed to find common goals across three improvement approaches used by a set of schools in Los Angeles, highlight systems and practices that support these approaches, and identify further needs. (2015)

1515 PDFLeveraging Time for Equity: Indicators to Measure More and Better Learning Time is the full research report that presents the indicators featured in the Time for Equity Indicators Tool. (2014)



Voices in Urban Education

1518 PDF Time for Equity: Expanding Access to Learning is issue #40 of AISR's flagship journal Voices in Urban Education. The authors share how in urban communities across the nation, a broad range of partners have committed to reinventing educational time together to ensure equitable access to rich learning opportunities for all young people. (2015)


Blog Posts and Op-Eds

Teacher Ownership and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) (2017)

Partner Spotlight: Community Voices at Promesa Boyle Heights (2016)

The Time to Succeed Coalition: Making Expanded Learning Time a Priority (2012)

Related Materials

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