December 2016

Promesa Boyle Heights, a neighborhood-level collaborative in Los Angeles, works to deliberately develop relationships, coordination, and alignment across multiple partners to benefit young people and families – with positive, measurable results. One unique aspect of Promesa is the substantive engagement of parents, youth, and residents as key stakeholders, decision-makers, and owners of the work. This engagement is too often missing in collaborative education and collective impact efforts, but lays crucial groundwork for ongoing support, sustainability, and success.

This study by AISR, with support from the Ford Foundation, was conducted with the hope that an exploration of the processes, structures, and belief systems of Promesa Boyle Heights, as well as the lessons learned by the collaborative, would be of value to those working to foster meaningful collaboration across the educational ecosystem.

More on AISR's Time for Equity project.


BLOG POST: Partner Spotlight: Community Voices at Promesa Boyle Heights
A new report highlighting the success of Promesa Boyle Heights illustrates the transformative power of collective leadership and school-community collaboration.

REPORT: Collaborating for Equity: A Scan of the Los Angeles Educational Ecosystem
This study looks at three approaches (community schools, Linked Learning, and Promise Neighborhoods), highlighting how to align, support, and expand their use within LA schools.

WEBINAR: Collaborating for Equity: A Conversation with Funders about Los Angeles
This webinar featured a conversation about the role that philanthropy plays in collaborating for educational equity in the rich Los Angeles education ecosystem and can play in a larger national movement for education justice. 

WEB TOOL: The Time for Equity Indicators Framework
This tool presents a comprehensive set of indicators to document how expanded time and learning opportunities can transform the lives of students, the structure of schools, and the power of communities.