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The Trafficking Continuum: Service Providers’ Perspectives on Vulnerability, Exploitation, and Trafficking. Corinne Schwarz, Daniel Alvord, Dorothy Daley, Megha Ramaswamy, Emily Rauscher, Hannah Britton. (2018). Affilia
The Emergence of Gender Differences in Biological Function: An Intragenerational Perspective. Margot Jackson, Susan E. Short. (2018). The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 4(4), 98-119
Plastic and Immobile: Unequal Intergenerational Transmission by Genotype within Sibling Pairs. Emily Rauscher. (2017). Social Science Research, 65, 112-129
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Identity and the Second Generation: How Children of Immigrants Find Their Space. Andrea Flores. (2017). Journal of Anthropological Research, 73(1), 140-142
Going to school is optional: Schools need to engage students to increase their lifetime opportunities. Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb. (2016). Evidence Speaks Reports - The Brookings Institution
The relationship between lifetime health trajectories and socioeconomic attainment in middle age. Dohoon Lee, Margot Jackson. (2015). Social Science Research, 54, 96-112
Race to Sustain: The Policy Implications of Racial Differences in Climate Change Public Opinion Attitudes. Jonathan Collins. (2014). Harvard Journal of African American Policy, No.5, 45-60
Mediators of Stereotype Threat among Black College Students. Douglas S Massey, Jayanti Owens. (2014). Ethnic and Racial Studies, 37(3), 557-575
Toward the Great Society: An Analysis of the Relationship between Politics and Underperforming Urban Schools. Jonathan Collins. (2013). Harvard Journal of African American Policy, No.4, 17-24