The Center for Education Organizing (CEO) supports and amplifies local and national demands for educational justice in underserved communities. The CEO integrates the expertise of a university-based research center, years of on-the-ground experience supporting education organizing, and our longstanding reputation as a seasoned convener of diverse education stakeholders. 

CEO staff provide research, policy analysis, and training to support individual groups and national networks to meaningfully engage in education reform. The CEO also facilitates alliance building among education organizing groups, and between those groups and other stakeholders such as civil rights and advocacy organizations, teachers unions, academics, and education researchers.


Parent Trigger: No Silver Bullet

In statehouses across the country, Parent Trigger legislation is being proposed as a remedy to the nation’s education crisis. This policy brief by the Center for Education Organizing at AISR reviews the history and current status of Parent Trigger legislation, presents a critique of the legislation, and suggests alternative ways to meet the stated goals of a Parent Trigger.

Getting Started in Education Organizing: Resources and Strategies

The "achievement gap" — the ongoing racial inequality in public school education — has proven stubbornly persistent. Schools have employed a variety of measures in an attempt to reduce this academic divide; the emergence of education organizing as a school reform tactic offers a promising alternative, outlined in AISR's Center for Education Organizing publication, "Getting Started in Education Organizing."

Parent Power

PARENT POWER: Education Organizing in NYC is a 35-minute film chronicling 15 years of organizing for school improvment in New York City. It starts from a community base, builds a collaboration with the teachers union and eventually forms a powerful ciytwide campaign coalition. The Center produced the film to support the work of education organizing groups across the country, and will make it availabe for local use. 

Watch Parent Power (35:31)

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