Interim Executive Director

Michael Grady

Senior Fellow

Warren Simmons

Leadership Team

Richard Gray, Director, Community Organizing & Engagement

Rosann Tung, Director, Research & Policy

Alethea Frazier Raynor, Co-director, District & Systems Transformation

Angela Romans, Co-director, District & Systems Transformation

Margaret Balch-Gonzalez, Acting Director of Communications

Program Staff

Vianna Alcantara, Research Associate, Research & Policy

Mary Arkins Decasse, Program Coordinator, District & Systems Transformation

Matthew Billings, Project Manager, Children & Youth Cabinet

Rebecca Boxx, Principal Associate

Keith Catone, Associate Director, Community Organizing & Engagement

Joanna Geller, Senior Research Associate, Research & Policy

Barbara Gross, Senior Collaborative Coordinator, Brooklyn Education Collaborative

Teresa Guaba, Project Coordinator, Children & Youth Cabinet

Elise Harris, Research Associate, Research & Policy

Megan Hester, Senior Associate, Education Organizing

Kristy Luk, Research Associate, Community Organizing and Engagement

Jonathan Martinez, Senior Program Associate, Community Organizing & Engagement

Sara McAlister, Principal Associate, Research & Policy

Catalina Perez, Program Assistant

Wendy Perez, Senior Research Associate, Research & Policy

Tracie Potochnik, Senior Research Associate, District & Systems Transformation

Marisa Saunders, Principal Associate, Research & Policy

Noah Schuettge, Program Associate, Community Organizing & Engagement

Joanne Thompson, Research Associate, District & Systems Transformation

Kenneth Wong, The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Professor in Education Policy; Professor of Education and Public Policy; Director of the Urban Education Policy Program

Communications and Technology

David Brown, Technology Manager

Haewon Kim, Graphic Designer

Amy Rittenhouse, Interactive Media Analyst


James Adams, Financial Manager

Ronni Edmonds, Executive Assistant, Director's Office

Stacey Ferreira, Financial and Operations Specialist

Deborah McKenna, Contract/Financial Coordinator

Expert Directory

Education experts from AISR are available for media interviews. Their areas of expertise range from urban education and discipline disparities to community organizing for education reform.