2019 APPAM Fall Research Conference

2019 APPAM Fall Research Conference
7 November 2019 08:00–9 November 2019 14:00
Denver, Colorado

Come to see us at 2019 APPAM Fall Conference:

Friday November 8, 2019

Special Events: Evidence-Based Education - Will the Past Be the Prologue?. Speakers: Russ Whitehurst, Brookings Institution, Susanna Loeb, Brown University and Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania

Panel: Promising Approaches to Developing and Supporting Effective School Principals. Discussants: Susanna Loeb, Brown University and Clay Hunter, Gwinnett County Public Schools

Panel paper: The Longitudinal Effects of School Improvement Grants. Min Sun, University of Washington, Alec Kennedy, University of Washington, and Susanna Loeb, Brown University

Panel: Innovations in Value-Added Models for Education. Discussants: Jesse Rothstein, University of California, Berkeley and Susanna Loeb, Brown University

Panel paper: Can Technology Transform Teacher-Parent Communication? Evidence from a Randomized Field Trial. Matthew A. Kraft and Alexander Bolves, Brown University

Panel paper: Early Evidence on the Impact of the Achieve Atlanta Scholarship Program on College Enrollment and Persistence. Carycruz Bueno, Brown University, Lindsay C. Page, University of Pittsburgh, and Jonathan Smith, Georgia State University

Saturday November 9, 2019

Panel paper: In Search of High-Quality Evaluation Feedback: An Administrator Training Field Experiment. Matthew A. Kraft and Alvin Christian, Brown University

Panel paper: Is Effective Teacher Evaluation Sustainable? Evidence from DCPS. Thomas Dee, Stanford University, Jessalynn James, Brown University, and James Wyckoff, University of Virginia

Roundtable: Blending Behavioral Science, Economics, and Practice: Government-Researcher Partnerships to Increase Access to Public Benefits. Speakers: Ashley Carleton, Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance, Susanna Loeb, Brown University, Julie Moreno, California Franchise Tax Board and Aparna Ramesh, California Policy Lab

Panel paper: The Role of Philanthropy in Public Education: The Case of the Broad Foundation. Thomas Dee, Stanford University, Susanna Loeb, Brown University, and Ying Shi, Syracuse University

Panel paper: It’s about Timing – When Does Supporting Parents Work Best?. Kalena Cortes, Texas A&M University, Hans Fricke, Stanford University, Susanna Loeb, Brown University, David S. Song, Stanford University, and Ben York, Parent Powered

Panel paper: Second Time's the Charm? How Repeat Student-Teacher Matches Contribute to Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills. Leigh Wedenoja, John Papay and Matthew A. Kraft, Brown University