Tutoring as an Equity Policy Intervention

Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 07:00pm–08:00pm

The COVID-19 pandemic has widened existing racial and socioeconomic educational inequities. In this panel discussion, three experts in educational policy and practice panel discuss one possible policy intervention that could help to address these growing gaps: tutoring. Research shows that tutoring is among the most effective educational interventions ever to be empirically tested. Private tutoring is a $47 billion dollar industry in the United States and has been much more available to affluent families, a dynamic that has increased, and increased inequality, during the pandemic. The panelists will consider what we know from the research about tutoring, how tutoring might be imagined as a policy intervention at scale to reduce inequality and improve student outcomes, and some efforts underway to implement tutoring programs as an equity reform, including the TMS/Brown Tutoring Initiative.

Matthew Kraft, Associate Professor of Education and Economics
Susanna Loeb, Professor of Education, Professor of International and Public Affairs, and Director of Annenberg Institute
Soljane Martinez, Education Coordinator, Annenberg Institute

Moderated by Carrie Nordlund, Associate Director, Annenberg Institute