TIPSbyTEXT is a text messaging program for parents of preschoolers designed to help them prepare their children for kindergarten. Each week during the school year, parents receive three texts about important kindergarten readiness skills. For example:

    FACT: Bath time is great for teaching your child important skills for K. Start by asking: What are the things we need for bath time? Why?
    TIP: When you’re bathing your child, point out the letters on shampoo bottles. Ask your child to name them & the sounds they make.
    GROWTH: Keep using bath time to prepare your child 4K! Ask: What rhymes with tub (cub, rub), soap (rope, hope), & bubble (double, trouble)?


    The past 10 years have been a period of remarkable transformation for California’s PreK-12 public school system. The state has enacted sweeping changes to academic standards and assessments, and has also made dramatic shifts to its approach to resource allocation, decision-making authority, and accountability.

    As the state embarks on its next chapter of education policy, a thorough analysis of the PreK-12 system and how recently adopted reforms are working is again necessary to inform the decisions policymakers will make for the next 10 years.