Typical Providence Classroom Interrupted Over 2,000 Times A Year, Says Brown Researcher


A typical classroom in Providence is interrupted over 2,000 times a year, according to a researcher at Brown University.

Associate Professor of Education Matt Kraft says that as students return from distance learning this fall, cutting down on external interruptions -- and maximizing learning time in the classroom -- is more important than ever. 

A working paper recently released by Kraft identified the following:

  • A typical classroom in Providence is interrupted more than 2,000 times per year
  • Interruptions and the disruptions they cause result in the loss of between 10 and 20 days of instructional time in Providence
  • Administrators systematically underestimate the frequency and negative consequences of these interruptions
  • Persistent interruptions during the beginning and end of class periods lead students and some teachers to effectively shorten class periods    
  • Some Providence schools experienced three times as many interruptions as others.

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