Senior Research Assistant

The Senior Research Assistant will work closely with Assistant Professor Jesse Bruhn and key collaborators on all phases of the research process: reviewing relevant literature, conceptualizing the research design, implementation, data collection/cleaning, describing the data (e.g. preparing summary statistics, tables, and figures), modeling (e.g. regression analysis), and preparing reports (e.g. slides and research papers). The ideal research assistant is a self-starter with excellent programming skills in key languages that are relevant for data science (e.g. R, markdown, GNU Make, and Stata); a passion for making clean data visualizations; a stellar background in economics and/or statistics; and an interest in generating high quality research that will improve public policy, especially in the domains of education and crime. This is an excellent opportunity for recent graduates of 4-year degree programs who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. to gain first-hand experience with the research process and develop key data analysis skills that are applicable both in graduate school and in private industry.

Education and Experience

BA required.
Experience in key languages used for data science such as R, Stata, and/or Python.
Experience as a research assistant, especially quantitatively analyzing data, preferred
1-2 years of other related experience
Strong quantitative and programming skills. 
Excellent conceptual understanding of economic models and econometric / statistical techniques.
Demonstrated ability to support a community of diverse perspectives and cultures in an inclusive environment.