Brown University’s K-12 Tutoring Initiative

Brown University’s K-12 Tutoring Initiative mobilizes Brown students to provide free tutoring to students in participating Providence schools. The program places Brown students in Rhode Island public schools for face-to-face tutoring. Rhode Island students that are interested in connecting remotely with Brown student tutors can also connect through the Tutor Matching Service, a nationally recognized tutoring platform that matches university and college students with students who need tutoring support for remote tutoring. Read more →

Student Groups

Research and Impact

Program Activities

Interested in getting involved in education through Brown’s diverse K-12 programs? Browse or search for an activity to participate.

Academic Programs and Courses at Brown

The Brown University curriculum offers a robust and diverse set of course offerings from which students can choose.

Brown University and The Providence Public School District (PPSD)

Brown’s partnership with the Providence Public School District builds on a tradition of community engagement by generations of Brown students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Rhode Island Resources

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