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Using a Text-as-Data Approach to Understand Reform Processes: A Deep Exploration of School Improvement StrategiesMin Sun, Jing Liu, Junmeng Zhu, Zachary LeClair. (Forthcoming). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Engaging Teachers: Measuring the Impact of Teachers on Student Attendance in Secondary SchoolJing Liu, Susanna Loeb. (Forthcoming). The Journal of Human Resources
Learning lessons from instruction: Descriptive results from an observational study of urban elementary mathematics classroomsHeather C. Hill, Erica Litke, Kathleen Lynch. (Forthcoming). Teachers College Record


Unpacking the Drivers of Racial Disparities in School Suspension and ExpulsionJayanti Owens, Sara S McLanahan. (2019). Social Forces
Strengthening the Research Base that Informs STEM Instructional Improvement Efforts: A Meta-AnalysisKathleen Lynch, Heather Hill, Kathryn Gonzalez, Cynthia Pollard. (2019). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Testing, Accountability, and School ImprovementSusanna Loeb, Erika Byun. (2019). The Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science, 683(1), 94-109
School Differences in Social–Emotional Learning Gains: Findings From the First Large-Scale Panel Survey of StudentsMichael S. Christian, Heather Hough, Susanna Loeb, Robert H. Meyer, Andrew B. Rice, Martin R. West. (2019). Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics
Differing Views of Equity: How Prospective Educators Perceive Their Role in Closing Achievement GapsEmily Penner, Jane Rochmes, Jing Liu, Sabrina Solanki, Susanna Loeb. (2019). RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 5(3), 103-127
Teacher Effects on Complex Cognitive Skills and Social-Emotional CompetenciesMatthew Kraft. (2019). The Journal of Human Resources, 53(4), 1-36


It’s too annoying: Who drops out of educational text messaging programs and whyHans Fricke, Demetra Kalogrides, Susanna Loeb. (2018). Economics Letters, 173, 39-43
The Intersection of Health and Education to Address School Readiness of All ChildrenJaime W. Peterson, Susanna Loeb, Lisa J. Chamberlain. (2018). Pediatrics, 142(5)
Taking Teacher Coaching To Scale: Can Personalized Training Become Standard Practice?Matthew Kraft, David Blazar. (2018). Education Next, 18(4)
The Socialization Areas in Which European American and Chinese Immigrant Mothers Express Warmth and ControlKathy Vu, Charissa Cheah, Nan Zhou, Christy Leung, Jin Li, Yoko Yamamoto. (2018). Parenting: Science and Practice, 18(4), 259-277
The Trafficking Continuum: Service Providers’ Perspectives on Vulnerability, Exploitation, and TraffickingCorinne Schwarz, Daniel Alvord, Dorothy Daley, Megha Ramaswamy, Emily Rauscher, Hannah Britton. (2018). Affilia
The Effect of Teacher Coaching on Instruction and Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of the Causal EvidenceMatthew Kraft, David Blazar, Dylan Hogan. (2018). Review of Educational Research [Internet], 88(4), 547-588
Teacher Workforce Developments: Recent Changes in Academic Competiveness and Job Satisfaction of New TeachersSusanna Loeb, Benjamin Master, Min Sun. (2018). Education Finance and Policy, 13(3), 310-332
The Emergence of Gender Differences in Biological Function: An Intragenerational PerspectiveMargot Jackson, Susan E. Short. (2018). The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 4(4), 98-119
Explaining Adolescents’ Affect: A Time-Use Study of Opportunities for Support and Autonomy across Interpersonal ContextsSoojung Kim, Susan Holloway, Janine Bempechat, Jin Li. (2018). Journal of Child and Family Studies, 27(8), 2384–2393
From Learning Beliefs to Achievement Among Chinese Immigrant and European American Preschool ChildrenJin Li, Yoko Yamamoto, Jamison Kinnane, Bree Shugarts, Clarence Ho. (2018). Child Development
More than Just a Nudge: Supporting Kindergarten Parents with Differentiated and Personalized Text-MessagesChristopher Doss, Erin Fahle, Susanna Loeb, Ben York. (2018). The Journal of Human Resources
Unequal Returns: Intragenerational Asset Accumulation Differs by Net Worth in Early AdulthoodWilliam Elliott, Emily Rauscher, Ilsung Nam. (2018). Children and Youth Services Review, 85, 253-263
One Step at a Time: The Effects of an Early Literacy Text Messaging Program for Parents of PreschoolersBen York, Susanna Loeb, Christopher Doss. (2018). Journal of Human Resources, 53(4)


We're Not Rich, But We're Definitely Not Poor: Young Children's Conceptions of Social ClassEmily Rauscher, Terri Friedline, Mahasweta Banerjee. (2017). Children and Youth Services Review, 83, 101-111
Virtual classrooms: How online college courses affect student successEric Bettinger, Lindsay Fox, Susanna Loeb, Eric Taylor. (2017). American Economic Review, 107(9), 2855-2875
‘They Will Go Like I Did’: How Parents Think about College for Their Young Children in the Context of Rising CostsTerri Friedline, Emily Rauscher, Stacia West, Barbara Phipps, Nadzeya Kardash, Karin Chang, Meghan Ecker-Lyster. (2017). Children and Youth Services Review, 81, 340-349
Can Schools Enable Parents to Prevent Summer Learning Loss? A Text-Messaging Field Experiment to Promote Literacy SkillsMatthew Kraft, Manuel Monti-Nussbaum. (2017). The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
The Challenge of Teacher Retention in Urban Schools: Evidence of Variation from a Cross-Site AnalysisJohn Papay, Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Lindsay Page, William Marinell. (2017). Educational Researcher, 46(8), 434-448
The Sensitivity of Teacher Performance Ratings to the Design of Teacher Evaluation SystemsMatthew Steinberg, Matthew Kraft. (2017). Educational Researcher, 46(7), 378-396
Revisiting The Widget Effect: Teacher Evaluation Reforms and the Distribution of Teacher EffectivenessMatthew Kraft, Allison Gilmour. (2017). Educational Researcher, 46(5), 234-249
Strategic Staffing? How Performance Pressures Affect the Distribution of Teachers within Schools and Resulting Student AchievementJason Grissom, Demetra Kalogrides, Susanna Loeb. (2017). American Educational Research Journal
Assessing Principals' Assessments: Subjective Evaluations of Teacher Effectiveness in Low- and High-Stakes EnvironmentsJason A. Grissom, Susanna Loeb. (2017). Education Finance and Policy, 12(3), 369-395
Gauging Goodness of Fit: Teachers’ Assessments of their Instructional Teams in High-Poverty SchoolsMegin Charner-Laird, Monica Ng, Susan Moore Johnson, Matthew Kraft, John Papay, Stefanie Reinhorn. (2017). American Journal of Education, 123(4), 553-584
Multi-faceted discipline strategies of Chinese parentingHeidi Fung, Jin Li, Kwan Lam. (2017). International Journal of Behavioral Development, 41(4), 472-481
The Effects of Class Size in Online College Courses: Experimental EvidenceEric Bettinger, Chris Doss, Susanna Loeb, Aaron Rogers, Eric Taylor. (2017). Economics of Education Review, 58, 68-85
Resource- and Approach-Driven Multi-Dimensional Change: Three-Year Effects of School Improvement GrantsMin Sun, Emily Penner, Susanna Loeb. (2017). American Educational Research Journal, 54(4), 607-643
Effects of a summer mathematics intervention for low-income children: A randomized experimentKathleen Lynch, James S. Kim. (2017). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 39(1)
Teacher and Teaching Effects on Students’ Attitudes and BehaviorsDavid Blazar, Matthew Kraft. (2017). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 39(1), 146-170
Teacher Churning: Reassignment Rates and Implications for Student AchievementAllison Atteberry, Susanna Loeb, James Wyckoff. (2017). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 39(1), 3-30
Building Teacher Teams: Evidence of Positive Spillovers from More Effective ColleaguesMin Sun, Susanna Loeb, Jason Grissom. (2017). Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis
More than Content: The Persistent Cross-Subject Effects of English Language Arts Teachers' InstructionBenjamin Master, Susanna Loeb, James Wyckoff. (2017). Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 39(3), 429-44
Measuring the Impacts of Teachers: Reply to RothsteinRaj Chetty, John Friedman, Jonah Rockoff. (2017). American Economic Review, 107(6), 1685-1717
Individualized Coaching to Improve Teacher Practice Across Grades and Subjects: New Experimental EvidenceMatthew Kraft, David Blazar. (2017). Educational Policy, 31(7), 1033-1068
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder severity, diagnosis, & later academic achievement in a national sampleJayanti Owens , Heide Jackson. (2017). Social Science Research, 61, 251-265


Different Skills? Identifying Differentially Effective Teachers of English Language LearnersBenjamin Master, Susanna Loeb, Camille Whitney, James Wyckoff. (2016). The Elementary School Journal, 117(2)
Passing It On: Parent-to-Adult Child Financial Transfers for School and Socioeconomic AttainmentEmily Rauscher. (2016). RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 2(6), 172-196
School organizational contexts, teacher turnover, and student achievement: Evidence from panel dataMatthew Kraft, William Marinell, Darrick Yee. (2016). American Educational Research Journal, 53(5), 1411-1499
The Myth of the Performance PlateauJohn Papay, Matthew Kraft. (2016). Educational Leadership, 73(8), 36-42
An Integrated Conceptual Framework for the Development of Asian American Children and YouthJayanthi Mistry, Jin Li, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Vivian Tseng, Jonathan Tirrell, Lisa Kiang, Rashmita Mistry, Yijie Wang. (2016). Child Development, 87(4), 1014–1032
Connections Matter: How Interactive Peers Affect Students in Online College CoursesEric Bettinger, Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb. (2016). Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 35(4), 763-791
The productivity costs of inefficient hiring practices: Evidence from late teacher hiringJohn Papay, Matthew Kraft. (2016). Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 35(4), 791-817
Can Principals Promote Teacher Development as Evaluators? A Case Study of Principals’ Views and ExperiencesMatthew Kraft, Allison Gilmour. (2016). Educational Administration Quarterly, 52(5), 711-753
Humility in learning: A Confucian perspectiveJin Li. (2016). Journal of Moral Education, 1-19
Within- and Between-Sector Quality Differences in Early Childhood Education and CareDaphna Bassok, Maria Fitzpatrick, Erica Greenberg, Susanna Loeb. (2016). Child Development, 87(5), 1627–1645
Using Lagged Outcomes to Evaluate Bias in Value-Added ModelsRaj Chetty, John Friedman, Jonah Rockoff. (2016). American Economic Review, 106(5), 393-99
The State of Educational Improvement: The Legacy of ESEA Title ISusan Moffitt. (2016). History of Education Quarterly, 56(2), 375-381
Educational goods and values: A framework for decision-makersHarry Brighouse, Helen F. Ladd, Susanna Loeb, Adam Swift. (2016). Theory and Research in Education, 14(1), 25-Mar
Distributive decisions in education: Goals, trade-offs, and feasibility constraintsKen Shores, Susanna Loeb. (2016). Theory and Research in Education, 14(1), 107-124
Promise and Paradox: Measuring Students’ Non-cognitive Skills and the Impact of SchoolingMartin West, Matthew Kraft, Amy Finn, Rebecca Martin, Angela Duckworth, Christopher Gabrieli, John Gabbriele. (2016). Educational Evaluational and Policy Analysis, 38(1), 148-170


The State of Title I: Developing the Capability to Support Instructional ImprovementSusan Moffitt, David Cohen. (2015). The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 1(3), 187-202
Exploring Mechanisms of Effective Teacher Coaching: A Tale of Two Cohorts From a Randomized ExperimentDavid Blazar, Matthew Kraft. (2015). Educational Evaluational and Policy Analysis, 37(4), 542–566
The Micropolitics of Educational Inequality: The Case of Teacher' Student AssignmentsJason A. Grissom, Demetra Kalogrides, Susanna Loeb. (2015). Peabody Journal of Education, 90(5), 601-614
The relationship between lifetime health trajectories and socioeconomic attainment in middle ageDohoon Lee, Margot Jackson. (2015). Social Science Research, 54, 96-112
Understanding Chinese immigrant and European American mothers' expressions of warmthCharissa Cheah, Jin Li, Nan Zhou, Yoko Yamamoto, Christy Leung. (2015). Developmental Psychology, 51(12), 1802-1811
Do First Impressions Matter? Predicting Early Career Teacher EffectivenessAllison Atteberry, Susanna Loeb, James Wyckoff. (2015). AERA-Open
Educating Amidst Uncertainty: The Organizational Supports Teachers Need to Serve Students in High-poverty, Urban SchoolsMatthew Kraft, John Papay, Susan Moore Johnson, Megin Charmer-Laird, Monica Ng, Stefanie Reinhorn. (2015). Educational Administration Quarterly, 51(5), 753-790
Principal Time Management Skills: Explaining Patterns in Principals' Time Use, Job Stress, and Perceived EffectivenessJason Grissom, Susanna Loeb, Hajime Mitani. (2015). Journal of Educational Administration, 53(6), 773-793
The underutilized potential of teacher-to-parent communication: Evidence from a field experimentMatthew Kraft, Todd Rogers. (2015). Economics of Education Review, 47, 49-63
Play or learn: European-American and Chinese kindergartners' perceptions about the conflictJin Li. (2015). British Journal of Educational Psychology, 86, 1-18
Performance Screens for School Improvement: The Case of Teacher Tenure Reform in New York CitySusanna Loeb, Luke C. Miller, James Wyckoff. (2015). Educational Researcher, 44(4), 199-212
Cumulative Inequality in Child Health and Academic AchievementMargot Jackson. (2015). Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 56(2)