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December 2017
This study examines how teachers, alongside family and community partners, are utilizing their experiences and expertise to share new ideas and evidence that can continue to build an ecology for equitable education reform.
October 2017
This issue of VUE is an online supplement to VUE 46, which addressed the topic of performance assessment – a personalized and rigorous alternative to standardized testing that allows teachers to build on individual students’ strengths and foster more equitable learning outcomes.
June 2017
This issue of VUE proposes performance assessment as a personalized and rigorous alternative to standardized testing.
May 2017
This summary paper outlines key themes, challenges, and preliminary recommendations that emerged from the 2016 Rhode Island Education Governance Forum around issues of education governance.
April 2017
This suite of resources includes research reports, case studies, web-based tools, a VUE issue, and many other resources that emerged from the Ford Foundation-funded Time for Equity project.
February 2017
This series of publications and supplementary materials, based on a mixed-methods study, examines how teachers can gain a sense of ownership of school and system-level improvement efforts.
February 2017
This memo offers insights in to how the administration might move forward with their agenda, what mechanisms exist for implementation, and what can be done in response.
January 2017
This special post-election, online-only issue of VUE features interviews with a wide range of thought leaders in the field of educational justice reflecting on what lies ahead in the aftermath of the 2016 election.
November 2016
This report describes a study of Promesa Boyle Heights, a neighborhood-level collaborative that has worked to develop relationships, coordination, and alignment across multiple partners.
December 2016
The Latino Student Success Pilot (LSSP) is a novel program designed to support first-generation low-income students of Latino origins at Rhode Island College.