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The Trafficking Continuum: Service Providers’ Perspectives on Vulnerability, Exploitation, and Trafficking. Corinne Schwarz, Daniel Alvord, Dorothy Daley, Megha Ramaswamy, Emily Rauscher, Hannah Britton. (2018). Affilia
Implementing the Common Core State Standards in California Schools: A Work in Progress. Susan Moffitt, Neal Finkelstein. (2018). Getting Down to Facts II
Too little or too much? Actionable Advice in an Early-Childhood Text Messaging Experiment. Kalena E. Cortes, Hans Fricke, Susanna Loeb, David S. Song. (2018)
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Creating Coherent Systems to Support Education Improvement. Jeffrey R. Henig, Melissa Arnold Lyon, Susan Moffitt, David Plank. (2018). Getting Down to Facts II
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